So, how much will HMM Package cost after the 1st year?

We promised you transparency and we will deliver it. We are not just transparent about our current prices but also about the future ones


2 Simplistic Hosting (HMM) Renewal Plans


1st year of our Hosting, Management and Maintenance (HMM Package) is included in the Web Design quote.

From 2nd year you can subscribe to our HMM Plan.

Choose the plan suitable for you and put your feet up, knowing that we will continue to keep your website Hosted, Upgraded, Secured, Backed-up and Running seamlessly, just like the 1st year.

Nevertheless, if you wish to host your website elsewhere, we will be more than happy to move it to your choice of hosting provider completely free of charge.


Yearly Renewal Plan


£499 per year

Monthly Renewal Plan


£49 per month